September 27, 2009    

So, Techtatva is over, and so are the second sessionals, and there is finally some more time to devote to the things we have been trying to find time for. So, what better time for picking up on the fundamentals of the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Movement? What better time to break free?

So we bring to you the  Introductory Meet for LUG Manipal. It’s completely free and everyone is invited! We will be covering the reasons you would want to use linux, dispelling myths about it and in general increasing your Tech Awareness. Here is a brief gist of what we will be doing:-

1) Introduction to the FOSS Movement & the motivation behind it.

2)  Introduction to the Linux operating system.

3) Clarifying the LUG’s internal structure and how you can be a part of it.

4) What you get out of being a part of it.

This is going to be no workshop or class. This is a meet with a difference. Everyone attending is on an equal platform, and they can express their ideas without any other considerations. There will be a free interflow of ideas and knowledge, and youll learn quite a bit. Come down and find out what “freedom” is about!

Date:- 1st October 2009

Venue:- NLH (Academic Block 3)

(The exact room number will be put up at the Venue)