Linux Open Week

March 19, 2009     / / / / / /

LUG Manipal is organizing a Linux Open Week sponsored by Fedora from 23rd-28th and 30th March. As the name says, this event stretches for one whole week. It is aimed at increasing awareness about FOSS and also how linux can be useful for people from all spheres of life rather than just a handful of programmers and developers. Keeping this in mind, we have planned the following

  • An installfest spanning two days for those yet to find a foothold in the linux world. The distro to be installed is Fedora 10 Cambridge.
  • A user’s day which would consist of sessions taken by various LUG members on different softwares like office suites, productivity tools etc. available on the linux platform that’d help the new users in making the transition from Windows to Linux.
  • Another couple of days have been devoted to Developer’s Day which would be about getting interested programmers started off with development in the Linux environment. It’s no secret that Linux is the development environment of choice around the world because of it’s open nature and no self-respecting programmer in Manipal would want to miss out on these two days!
  • Finally, the last day would be a Hackathon to bring out the hacker in the participating coders. They’d be trying to make a firefox extension for a certain web service which would be decided on the spot. Needless to say, it’d be fun. The choice of the software to be hacked on remains flexible though and the enthusiasm and the coding expertise of the participants will also be taken into account 🙂

Do checkout the event wiki page for further details.

These are the awesome posters that have been put up around Manipal for the Open Week promotion and kudos to Sheeladitya for the awesome work 🙂